Me, Myself and pie... I tried


Eurocamp - Front End Developer

(Contract // 09/2013 - 04/2014)

So this is my second time tackling a big team environment. There was lots of personalities and opinions to consider during the project which proved tricky to manage at first but I learnt so much great, new techniques along the way that I'll bring with me to my next adventure in Web!

So I and two other experienced Front End(FE) developers were tasked to create the FE Framework to the new site for Eurocamp a mobile first responsive content heavy site that requires flexibility for the content team to maintain it to a high standard without sacrificing functionality.

rawPixel - Graphics, Web Design & UI

(Digital Studio)

This venture taken upon by myself and my long-time tech nut cousin was with the goal of creating a platform in which we can work from in our specialised fields of knowledge, I have a burning passion for Game design and Web design and with such I aim to create a series of web based games with rawPixel as our Studio.

This is the part about me; I know a lot of people must say it but for me it all started as a child enjoying the feeling I got from drawing things, usually tracing pictures out of my old wildlife book with my parents pretending they didn’t know and praising me for such a well drawn picture, but this is how I learnt the basics of sketching.

Love shredding up the powder snowboarding.. Whenever I get a chance to visit a snow covered mountain I grab it by the horns and throw myself down it! Also enjoying gaming and the Internet of course!
You might also have noticed from the background I enjoy Science and all the knowledge it brings!
I hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks for reading,
Luke Gosling.

Web Dev Experience

Graphic Design Experience